Saturday, November 6, 2010

Suck It Bitch Vol. II
2) Oh This Guy Again...(skit)
3) Birth Of a Hero (Produced by The Unbeatables)
4) Letter To My Fans
5) All Day Ft. B-Don
6) Suckonmycockaonetime
7) If I Die Ft. Phantom (Produced by Hypnotik Beatz)
8) Suck It Bitch Ft. MadVersez (Produced by Flawless Beats)
9) Been So Long (Produced by Big Ax-D)
10) Fourth of July (Fireworks)
11) Days Like This Ft. Dubbs (Produced by mart85 & Slavebell)
12) Party It Up
13) Cruise Control Ft. M-Russ (Produced by 2Deep)
14) Egotistical (Produced by Big Ax-D)
15) D'Evils 2010 Ft. Big Ax-D (Produced by Sajjad)
16) Mister Big Bad Wolf (Produced by 2Deep)
17) Light Up Ft. KingRo
18) Say Hello To Winter (Produced by 2Deep)
19) Mercisless Ft. B-Don (Produced by Anno Domini)
20) Shadows Ft. DaViglio (Produced by Mart85)
21) What You Expect (Produced by 2Deep)