Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Info about the present and future

so, i went on vacation in august and this pretty much been dead. lol.
i released more songs then i wanted from "Suck It Bitch Vol. II", but i'm going to upload the songs i have dropped and keep the rest under raps.

The tape is pretty much done, bar a couple of collabs. and i got to mix some songs. But this one is exactly how i said it would be, a fun mixtape. It either gives off a "just fucking around vibe" or a dark vibe. Pretty much all there is to that. Might drop it on Halloween. not sure.

After i finish "Suck It Bitch Vol. II", i will begin working on a couple projects. The first is "Don't Sign Me: I Really Meant It", which will continue where "Don't Sign Me Vol. 1" left off. Hopefully it will be just as entertaining. I will also begin work on an album, and yes, i mean an actual album. I will be producing some of the songs myself, i will be asking certain producers for their cooperation, and i will prolly lease a couple soundclick beats. I will be taking a leaf out of Rass Kass's book, and be putting it up as a free download, but will gladly take any donations, since i will be putting my hard earned money in and bleeding my soul for, but i also don't want to be all about the money, so i'll leave it up to the people who download to decide if/what i deserve. I'm not going to say who i'm working with on the album, because to be honest, i haven't gotten that far. But, i haved asked Big Ax-D for some help with general album making, so i will give him a shout out right here. The album will be called "Identity Diffusion", and it will touch on my thoughts about my life (and life in general), my goals, failure, success, struggle, pain, ect. just an overall deep album.

Guess thats kind of it. Thanks to everyone who's currently, and ever showed me support. I greatly appreciate it.