Saturday, November 6, 2010

Suck It Bitch Vol. II
2) Oh This Guy Again...(skit)
3) Birth Of a Hero (Produced by The Unbeatables)
4) Letter To My Fans
5) All Day Ft. B-Don
6) Suckonmycockaonetime
7) If I Die Ft. Phantom (Produced by Hypnotik Beatz)
8) Suck It Bitch Ft. MadVersez (Produced by Flawless Beats)
9) Been So Long (Produced by Big Ax-D)
10) Fourth of July (Fireworks)
11) Days Like This Ft. Dubbs (Produced by mart85 & Slavebell)
12) Party It Up
13) Cruise Control Ft. M-Russ (Produced by 2Deep)
14) Egotistical (Produced by Big Ax-D)
15) D'Evils 2010 Ft. Big Ax-D (Produced by Sajjad)
16) Mister Big Bad Wolf (Produced by 2Deep)
17) Light Up Ft. KingRo
18) Say Hello To Winter (Produced by 2Deep)
19) Mercisless Ft. B-Don (Produced by Anno Domini)
20) Shadows Ft. DaViglio (Produced by Mart85)
21) What You Expect (Produced by 2Deep)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Track Listing for Suck It Bitch Vol. II

Dam This Guy Again....(Skit)
Birth of a Hero (produced by unbeatables)
Letter To My Fans
OD on Life
Suck It Bitch Ft. MadVerses (Produced by Flawless Beats)
Souless (Produced by Sinima)
Been So Long (Produced by Big Ax-D)
4th Of July Freeverse
Days Like This Ft. Dubbs (Produced by Mart85 & Slavebell)
Party It Up
Cruise Control Ft. M-Russ (Produced by 2Deep)
Egotistical (Produced by Big Ax-D)
D'evils 2010 Ft. Sajjad & Big Ax-D (Produced by Big Ax-D)
Mister Big Bad Wolf (Produced by 2Deep)
Light Up Ft. KingRo
Merciless Ft. B-Don (Produced by Anno Domini)
Shadows Ft. DaViglio (Produced by Mart85)
What You Expect (Produced by 2Deep)
Say Hello To Winter (Produced by 2Deep)

Up All Night Ft. B-Don

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Info about the present and future

so, i went on vacation in august and this pretty much been dead. lol.
i released more songs then i wanted from "Suck It Bitch Vol. II", but i'm going to upload the songs i have dropped and keep the rest under raps.

The tape is pretty much done, bar a couple of collabs. and i got to mix some songs. But this one is exactly how i said it would be, a fun mixtape. It either gives off a "just fucking around vibe" or a dark vibe. Pretty much all there is to that. Might drop it on Halloween. not sure.

After i finish "Suck It Bitch Vol. II", i will begin working on a couple projects. The first is "Don't Sign Me: I Really Meant It", which will continue where "Don't Sign Me Vol. 1" left off. Hopefully it will be just as entertaining. I will also begin work on an album, and yes, i mean an actual album. I will be producing some of the songs myself, i will be asking certain producers for their cooperation, and i will prolly lease a couple soundclick beats. I will be taking a leaf out of Rass Kass's book, and be putting it up as a free download, but will gladly take any donations, since i will be putting my hard earned money in and bleeding my soul for, but i also don't want to be all about the money, so i'll leave it up to the people who download to decide if/what i deserve. I'm not going to say who i'm working with on the album, because to be honest, i haven't gotten that far. But, i haved asked Big Ax-D for some help with general album making, so i will give him a shout out right here. The album will be called "Identity Diffusion", and it will touch on my thoughts about my life (and life in general), my goals, failure, success, struggle, pain, ect. just an overall deep album.

Guess thats kind of it. Thanks to everyone who's currently, and ever showed me support. I greatly appreciate it.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW SINGLE!!!!! "Been So Long (Produced by Big Ax-D)"

i hold a stifling eye for whats rightfully mine//
i can put sight to the blind and put freight to the light//
so while i was in my corner wasting away//
well yall was pussy footing and tried degrading my name//
i laughed all the way home from breaking the bank//
must be crazy to think i was ever takin the blame//
cmon son....everyone is mixed with evil//
you can work the situation but never fix the people//
theres love and theres hate....differences is deceitful//
can copy the master....but never give it a sequal//
the world's debt is what i wish my dividends equaled//
the root of all problems.........and i'm driven by evils//

so i told you that i'd be back like never before//
the young gunner sharp shooting in a veteran's war//
no wait...i got a better allure//
but all my shortcomings seem to magnify when my cheddar is short//
fuck a deal....i look to others to learn from mistakes//
but toss me a mil and see if i can turn it away//
it just isn't happening dog//
life is just too fucked up for me to be rapping it off//
i been in the slums of pittsburgh for way too long//
obama's reachin for change...but shit stays so wrong//
its why every occasion..i burry the beat//
i'm dwayne wade in oh ten...won't carry the heat//

so now i'm the hopes i blew up quicker//
hating on chambers...yelling verses...consuming liquor//
figures....look at this kid stagger around//
breaking mirrors like "this is what the swaggers about"//
you got it twisted my rollin the dutch//
i gave you style....the cool of a rush//
that fuck you attitude...careless mind state//
brain of crime waves...kats that clear from my face//
your creativity....well i'm splitting the blame//
but since this lil fame...this shit ain't the same//
forgetting your go back to the dirt//
grimy and hard.....don't matter if a track or a verse//

Joe Budden f. Emanny - Short Summer | New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2010

Joe Budden f. Emanny - Short Summer | New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2010

yo.....this is some real joe budden

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dedication to Ghetto Set-ups

I figured i'd show my ghetto set-up to show people that you don't need that hundred thousand dollar studio to get a good sound

....that blue shirt isn't mine. (fuck you b-don).

but if you think mine is ghetto........b-don's......=(

god dam......thats hood shit lol


yo, this shit right here is how you act hip hop. Keep it low....keep it low!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yo Yo......

Let keep this short and sweet. I'm Tom Chambers. You can call me a number of different names. Tom, Chambers, Chambz, T.C., lotus(for old skool kats), or just a simple "hey you!". I'm a 22 year old unsigned rapper (yes, i'm white, lets not make a big deal of that) not really looking for a "deal". Just looking to have some fun and flex my creativity muscle, while venting about life, bullshit and troubles. But i'm not going to be using this blog for just that, obviously, or else you'd only get maybe 3 new posts a year lol.
A little bit about myself is in order, i guess. Like i said i'm 22 years old, and i'm a rapper/producer. I been writing since 2007, started out freestyling in school in 2006, so to be honest, i'm still fairly new to this shit. I only started producing in like 2008 and it isn't my main focus. But every now and then i like to chop a sample and lay some drums on it. I also mix/master my own tracks, and i'm pretty dam good at it (no ego). I can also help you with whatever you need whether its mixing or if you want a beat or whatever, but we'll get to that later. Outside of my "hobby", i work quite often and alot and i'm going to school for something in the medical field. Can't wash dishes my whole life, right? I wouldn't say i have a terrible life, but i wouldn't say its a "good" life. I have my high points and some very very low points, some of which reflect in my music. I'm not a "people" person. I hate people. Trust issues and the whole 9 yards. Once again not the time. I got a handful of trustworthy friends, a wonderful girlfriend, and only a few family members that still talk to me lol. oh yeah, i'm from the city of champs (Pittsburgh).

But i think that's enough about me. I think its time for me to leave some contact links and music!

so lets do it.

E-mail: (use a fucking subject title, i don't open blank shit)

Super Chambers Bros.

Don't Sign Me Vol. 1

My Next Mixtape is called "Suck It Bitch Vol. II", and its pretty much how it sounds. Me just not giving a fuck.

my First Single was called "Mr. Big Bad Wolf" and was produced by 2deep.

Second Single Coming Soon!

Shout out to anyone who i talk to and cool with. Other then that, i'm out for now!