Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yo Yo......

Let keep this short and sweet. I'm Tom Chambers. You can call me a number of different names. Tom, Chambers, Chambz, T.C., lotus(for old skool kats), or just a simple "hey you!". I'm a 22 year old unsigned rapper (yes, i'm white, lets not make a big deal of that) not really looking for a "deal". Just looking to have some fun and flex my creativity muscle, while venting about life, bullshit and troubles. But i'm not going to be using this blog for just that, obviously, or else you'd only get maybe 3 new posts a year lol.
A little bit about myself is in order, i guess. Like i said i'm 22 years old, and i'm a rapper/producer. I been writing since 2007, started out freestyling in school in 2006, so to be honest, i'm still fairly new to this shit. I only started producing in like 2008 and it isn't my main focus. But every now and then i like to chop a sample and lay some drums on it. I also mix/master my own tracks, and i'm pretty dam good at it (no ego). I can also help you with whatever you need whether its mixing or if you want a beat or whatever, but we'll get to that later. Outside of my "hobby", i work quite often and alot and i'm going to school for something in the medical field. Can't wash dishes my whole life, right? I wouldn't say i have a terrible life, but i wouldn't say its a "good" life. I have my high points and some very very low points, some of which reflect in my music. I'm not a "people" person. I hate people. Trust issues and the whole 9 yards. Once again not the time. I got a handful of trustworthy friends, a wonderful girlfriend, and only a few family members that still talk to me lol. oh yeah, i'm from the city of champs (Pittsburgh).

But i think that's enough about me. I think its time for me to leave some contact links and music!

so lets do it.

E-mail: tom-chambers5388@hotmail.com (use a fucking subject title, i don't open blank shit)
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/tomchambers5388
Myspace: www.myspace.com/t0mch4mbers

Super Chambers Bros.

Don't Sign Me Vol. 1

My Next Mixtape is called "Suck It Bitch Vol. II", and its pretty much how it sounds. Me just not giving a fuck.


my First Single was called "Mr. Big Bad Wolf" and was produced by 2deep.

Second Single Coming Soon!

Shout out to anyone who i talk to and cool with. Other then that, i'm out for now!


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