Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW SINGLE!!!!! "Been So Long (Produced by Big Ax-D)"

i hold a stifling eye for whats rightfully mine//
i can put sight to the blind and put freight to the light//
so while i was in my corner wasting away//
well yall was pussy footing and tried degrading my name//
i laughed all the way home from breaking the bank//
must be crazy to think i was ever takin the blame//
cmon son....everyone is mixed with evil//
you can work the situation but never fix the people//
theres love and theres hate....differences is deceitful//
can copy the master....but never give it a sequal//
the world's debt is what i wish my dividends equaled//
the root of all problems.........and i'm driven by evils//

so i told you that i'd be back like never before//
the young gunner sharp shooting in a veteran's war//
no wait...i got a better allure//
but all my shortcomings seem to magnify when my cheddar is short//
fuck a deal....i look to others to learn from mistakes//
but toss me a mil and see if i can turn it away//
it just isn't happening dog//
life is just too fucked up for me to be rapping it off//
i been in the slums of pittsburgh for way too long//
obama's reachin for change...but shit stays so wrong//
its why every occasion..i burry the beat//
i'm dwayne wade in oh ten...won't carry the heat//

so now i'm the hopes i blew up quicker//
hating on chambers...yelling verses...consuming liquor//
figures....look at this kid stagger around//
breaking mirrors like "this is what the swaggers about"//
you got it twisted my rollin the dutch//
i gave you style....the cool of a rush//
that fuck you attitude...careless mind state//
brain of crime waves...kats that clear from my face//
your creativity....well i'm splitting the blame//
but since this lil fame...this shit ain't the same//
forgetting your go back to the dirt//
grimy and hard.....don't matter if a track or a verse//

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